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7900 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
513.489.7575 ext.847

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Team Info

Boosters is run by the families of QCTNT team members. We help support the team's goals and subsidize costs that are not covered by team tuition. Check out our Boosters page to learn how you can support our team!

Team Structure

To be the premier program in our region while also providing the opportunity for the athletes to obtain the highest goals their commitment level will allow.

QCTNT is comprised of four teams. Progression through the teams is dependent upon a combination of factors including coach's recommendation, work ethic, skill level, maturity, age, available openings, etc.

Team# Practice Days per WeekTotal # of Hours per Week
Team I24
Team II24
Team III36
Team IV4

*Boost may also be available, which enables athletes to practice an additional 2 hours per week.

Team Mission Statement

Team Philosophy

Develop happy, healthy, responsible athletes - Queen City/Kids First Mission Statement

Safety through progressions – Keep children safe with attention to detail and proper sequential instruction, understand the sports progression and rules

Fun first, skills second - Build confidence through fitness and fun

Form first, skills second - Maintain a safe environment and raise the child’s level of self-confidence through achievement

Self esteem is earned not given - Use the sport of trampoline and tumbling as a mechanism to develop intrinsic motivation

Marathon mentality - There is no better way than sports progression over a period of years to equip children with the ability to delay gratification in favor of the greater achievement. Coach the kids with the long term in mind; never short change them for short term glory.

Friendly, fun, fair but firm - Discipline mantra combined with the Kids First Teaching Principles discipline statement